What is Electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction is a process in which if the number of magnetic flux falling on a conductor changes continuously then the electromotive force or emf is established in that conductor and if this conductor is formed a closed loop, then current starts flowing in this conductor.

The theory of electromagnetic induction was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1830 AD.

There are many such devices or machines used around us or in industrial areas that work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Such as - generator, transformer etc.

We will try to understand in detail the principle of electromagnetic induction.

See in the picture below, it has a coil C.

Electromagnetic Induction

This coil has a number of turns and this coil is connected to a galvanometer (which measures the electric current flowing in the electric circuit).

The indicator of this galvanometer initially remains constant at the midpoint or 0.
If moving a permanent magnet towards this coil, the indicator of the galvanometer attached to the coil deviates from the midpoint, that is, it shows some value of current and stops when moving the permanent magnet towards the coil. The indicator of the galvanometer again returns to the midpoint.

Even when moving this permanent magnet away from the coil, the indicator of the galvanometer exhibits some deviation but this deviation remains in the opposite direction than before and the galvanometer again returns zero value when stopping the magnet while moving away. Is displayed.

As long as the value of the magnetic flux on the coil keeps changing, the current flows in the coil but as soon as we stop the magnet, the current in the coil stops flowing. ”

According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the electric carrying force in a conductor can be generated in two ways which is termed as Static and dynamic EMF.

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