How to use multimeter

Multimeter is a electronic device which is used for the measurement of multiple paramater such e.g. Current,Voltage,Resistance etc. In this article we will describe how to use multimeter.What is meant by different types of Symbol made in multimeter is given and how to check DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Continuity and Resistance from multimeter is given.

By using multimeter, we can detect various types of fault in any electronics device and also repair those fault. You can also check the battery by using a multimeter.
The multimeter is used for cold testing and host testing in the field of electronics. So, we can say that multimeter is an important tool for any electronics device repairing.

History of Multimeter

The world's first moving-pointer current-detecting device was built in 1820. In which the work of measuring resistance and voltage was done using a Wheatstone bridge.
Then the first multimeter was invented in the 1920s, thanks to the British post office engineer Donald Macadie. Macadie invented a device that could measure amperes (amps), volts and ohms, this multi functional meter meter was then called Avometer.

This Avometer included a moving Coil meter, Voltage and Accurate Resistors, and Switches and Sockets to select range.

Functions in Multimeter
  • Display(Seven Segment)
  • Rotary Switch
  • Input Connection 
  • Transistor Test 

 Check AC Voltage - To check AC Voltage by multimeter, set the switch to check AC Voltage as per the image given below. In this range of multimeter we can check AC from minimum 200 volt to maximum 700 volt.Donot connect lead on current cable it will leads to blown of fuse due to high voltage.


 Check DC Voltage - To check DC Voltage by multimeter, set the switch to check DC Voltage and connection remain same as above.

 Check Continuity - To check continuity by multimeter, set the switch to check continuity as per the image given below. This range of multimeter is also called Beep mode or wuzzer mode.

 Check Resistance - To check Resistance by multimeter, set the switch to check Resistance as per the image given below.

Check Current- For current measurement firslty change the connection lead from voltage to current and common connection remain same. Now select the current on selector switch on the required range and put the source in Series with multimeter of measurement of current please see below picture for the same.

In this way you can use multimeter for diffrerent measuement.

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