Why does current not decrease on passing through resistance

 As we all know resistance is property of  a material to opposes the flow of charges through it. So when current(Charges) passes through any resistor it will opposes by the flow. Question is clear that if opposition is offered then why value of current not decreased when it will pass through the resistance so let us discuss the same below.

Take an example to understand this question. Consider we have a resistor and having 1A current flowing through it. If 1A is incoming current the same current will observed in output end.

To understand this we need to take another example suppose we have a pipe that is connected to water tank and water incoming  in that pipe with speed V1 and outgoing with same speed V1. Wider the pipe more will be the speed and narrower the pipe more will be resistance but amount of water flow from incoming to outgoing is same. 

In case of electrical theory same will happen if there is opposition that will not destroy the charges that will only resist their flow so amount of flow charges are same and current will not decreased.

So this is the reason that current not decrease on passing through the resistance.In case of it will divided in series and it will get lower from one resistor to other connected in series.

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