What is Printer and Different Types of Printer


                      Printers and their Types

Printer is mostly used device in today world it computer language it is also termed as output device. A printer is an electronic device used to print digital information . It is an external device of the computer which convert soft copy into hard copy in computer.

The printer usually works with the computer, and is connected via cable. But at the present time many digital devices support printer features. In today world we can print with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cloud technology.

History of Printer

In 1968, the Japanese company Epson invented the first electronic printer called the EP-101. These early printers were usually hybrids of typewriters and teletype machines.

In today world 3D printing became the center of attraction . It has made 3D objects simpler. 

Types of Printers

  • Impact Printers
  • Non-Impact Printers

Impact Printers:Where there is physical contact between the print head, ribbon, or cartridge and the paper (media).

Non-Impact Printer: Diamond is the physical contact between the print head, ribbon, or cartridge and the paper (media).

Impact Printer: Dots Matrix Printer

Dots Matrix Printer This is an example of Impact Printer. Which prints on paper using Tiny Dots to create text and images.

Although these microcomputer printers, which were widely used earlier, are cheap and reliable. They make a lot of noise, this printer is used when high quality printing is not required.

Impact Printer: Line Printer

Line Printer This is a type of Impact Printer. Where a large amount of material is to be printed, users require a line printer.

Line at time printers, or line printers, use a special system that can print an entire line at a time.

This printer can print 1,200 to 6,000 lines in one minute (IPM). Drum, Chain and Band printers line up on the printer at a time.

Non-Impact Printer: Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers work similarly to dot-matrix printers, however, they are made from tiny droplets of ink.

Inkjet Printers make letters on paper by spraying ink with ink nozzles through an electric field. Which organizes the charged ink particles into characters at the rate of about 250 characters per second (cps).

Ink gets absorbed in the paper and dries up instantly. Inkjet printers can also print in colors. Inkjet Cartridge per page cost much more than a laser printer.

Inkjet Printers are widely used. Work Without Sound do not make sound, and are cheap.

Typically, inkjet printers print 17 to 19 pages and 13 to 15 color pages in Black Ink.

Non-Impact Printer: LaserJet Printer

This printer is an example of Non Impact Printer.

Laser Jet Printer works like a photocopy machine. Using a pattern of small dots, a laser beam transfers information from the computer to a positive, charge drum.

Toner (Ink Powder) decompresses all areas of the drum that become neutralized. Like Paper Rolls are done by Drum.

Toner (Ink Powder) is transferred on the paper. Prints Letters or Other Graphics on paper.

A hot roller binds the bonds to the paper. It prints the whole page in one go. Depending on the model, it can print in color or black and white.

A laser printer costs more than an inkjet printer but the running cost (toner cost per page) is very low.

There are 2 types of Laser Printers

A personal laser printer does not support color printing, it is inexpensive and many use it for personal use. It prints 15 to 17 pages per minute.

A shared laser printer supports color printing, is expensive, and is used in groups. Shared laser printers can print more than 50 pages per minute.

Non-Impact Printer: Multifunction Printer
It is also known as all in one printer. It is a combination of various functionalities like Printer, Scanner, Photo Copier, Fax etc.

Multifunction Printer is suitable for small business.

Virtual Printer
A virtual printer is a simulated device whose User Interface and API are similar to that of the printer driver, but this device is not connected to any physical device.

When a document is printed by a virtual printer, it processes the images of its pages as a result of which a file is produced. Or Images are actually done Virtually

Thermal Printer
Thermal printers use heat to create images on heat-sensitive paper. These printers are used to print receipts at ATMs and Petrol Pumps.

Color thermal printers are also called die sublimation printers.

High quality artwork and text is specially printed using process paper.

However, the cost of this printer and the pages required for it is very expensive, so these printers are used for very specific purposes.

Thermal printers are widely used for commercial art and design work that requires high quality color print.

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