What is transformer, definition, types

 What is transformer, definition, types


In the field of electrical engineering, a transformer is a device that is used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Transformers are essential components of power systems and are used to step up or step down voltage levels, as well as to isolate different parts of an electrical circuit.

There are two main types of transformers:

Power Transformers: Power transformers are used to transfer electrical power from one circuit to another at the same frequency level. They are typically used in power transmission and distribution systems, where they step up the voltage of the electrical power generated at a power plant to high voltage levels for efficient long-distance transmission, and then step it down to lower voltage levels for distribution to end-users.

Distribution Transformers: Distribution transformers are used to supply power to residential and commercial customers at lower voltage levels. They are typically used in the local distribution network to step down the voltage of the power received from power transformers to a level suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Transformers can also be categorized based on their construction and application. Some common types include:

Shell type transformers: In this type, the core and windings are placed in a shell, and the core surrounds the windings.

Core type transformers: In this type, the windings are placed around the core, and the core surrounds the windings.

Auto-transformers: In this type, the primary and secondary windings are connected to each other, and the transformer acts as a single winding with variable voltage.

Three-phase transformers: Three-phase transformers are used in three-phase power systems to transfer power between three phases.

Instrument transformers: These are used to measure voltage or current in a high voltage or high current circuit, and are typically used in power system protection and control.

Transformers are critical components in the electrical power system, and they play a vital role in the efficient and reliable delivery of electrical power. Understanding the different types of transformers and their applications is essential for designing and maintaining efficient power systems.

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