Types of semiconductor

Types of Semiconductor

Semiconductors can be classified as following types:

  1. Intrinsic Semiconductor 
  2. Extrinsic Semiconductor

For more clarification please check the below picture

Intrinsic Semiconductor

An intrinsic type of semiconductor material is pure in nature. It is made up of only a single type of element.e.g. Silicon is intrinsic type semiconductor.They are generally non-conductive in nature because at room temperature there is no free electron present for conduction.

Extrinsic Semiconductor

The conductivity of semiconductors can be greatly improved by introducing a small number of suitable replacement atoms called IMPURITIES. The process of adding impurity atoms to the intrinsic semiconductor is called DOPING. Usually, only 1 atom in 10is replaced by atom in the doped semiconductor.Impurities which are used in doping are Arsenic,Aluminium etc An extrinsic type semiconductor can be further classified into:
  • N-type Semiconductor
  • P-type Semiconductor

So these are some general types of Semiconductor  in next post we will classify the N-type and p-type of semiconductor.

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