Magnetic Material & Types

Magnetic Material

Magnetic materials are the type of material which are get attracted or repelled when they are placed in magnetic field.Material are classified into magnetic material and non magnetic material.The non magnetic material cannot be magnetised,they only allow magnetic flux to pass through them.Further type of Magnetic material is given as below

  • Ferromagnetic Material
  • Paramagnetic Material
  • Diamagnetic Material 

Ferromagnetic Material

These are type of Magnetic material which are strongly magnetised in same direction as field.In this type of material domain orientation is random before they are exhibit to magnetic field after they are exhibit to magnetic  field domain rearrange their direction.They have high value of relative permeability from 500 to 5000.Example of ferromagnetic material are Iron,Steel,Nickel etc.

Paramagnetic Material

These are type of magnetic material which are weakly magnetised in same direction as the field.In this type of material domain orientation is not much random as compared to ferromagnetic material.They conduct magnetic flux slightly better than air.Example of Paramagnetic material are includes Aluminium,Platinum etc.

Diamagnetic Material 

These types of material are strongly repelled by the applied magnetic field.The permanent dipole and you can say domain are not present in diamagnetic material.The value of relative permeability in case of diamagnetic material is very low.Example of diamagnetic materials are given as Copper,antimony,Zinc etc.

Types of Magnets

  • Permanent Magnet
  • Electromagnet

Permanent Magnet

These are types of magnets which maintain their magnetic strength almost indefinitely once they get magnetised.They are made of hard material such as cobalt and steel which are get magnetized by induction process during manufacturing process.A very strong field is needed for this purpose.


These types of magnets consist of a coil wound over a soft iron core.When current is pass through the coil,it produces a magnetic field which magnetises the core into a bar magnet with polarities.More will the current more will be magnetic field which results in stronger electromagnet. When current source s removed then iron core is no longer is a magnet it acts like a simple coil.

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